Woman’s Conference w/ Nancy Guthrie

No matter how much you already know or don’t know about the Bible, if you are a woman who wants to know your Bible better, this workshop is for you! Do you ever read the Bible and have a sense that there is a deeper meaning or significance to what you are reading that you can’t quite figure out? Or do you sometimes wonder why some people are able to draw things out of a passage in the Bible that you didn’t see until they pointed it out? If so, we hope you’ll make plans to come to a Mini-Workshop on Biblical Theology with Nancy Guthrie. Over two 90-minute sessions, we’ll seek to get a firmer grasp on the story the Bible is telling and immerse ourselves in some of the most important themes the Bible’s divine author has woven into its books from Genesis to Revelation. The sessions will be energetic, interactive, and fun.

What: Biblical Theology Workshop
When: Thursday, August 8, 2019, 6:00-10:00 pm
Where: Pilgrim Orthodox Presbyterian Church – 375 Mt Hope Ave, Bangor, Maine 04401

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